„my name is S.L. and i got to know your society via internet. as i am a great enthusiast for iceland i would like to inquire you amongst others about my concern.
at the moment i am a student of a thirteenth grade at a freie waldorfschule and i am aiming to finish with school in june 2004- therefore i am already looking for an opportunity to stay abroad – preferably in iceland – after finishing school. i thought about staying as an au pair in iceland, but i would also be interested in a so-called freiwilliges soziales jahr (volunteer social year [sic]). if your society is considering inquiries such as mine, i would be very grateful if you could send me some information material about it. if this is not the case, i would appreciate you helping me with addresses (if available), internet pages and the like. thank you very much for your work in advance. yours sincerly, S.L.“

edit1: it’s been five years…
edit2: wunderlich wie ich durch’s englischabitur kam…
edit3: gott sei dank hat sich da niemand gemeldet, das ist ja furchtbar…“i am a great enthusiast„…for fuck’s sake…


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